Back in 1984, a landlocked beach bum named Bryan Loy realized that his true calling in life was teaching music, and via extension, selling music gear. Calling upon his deep love for all things tropical, he decided to incorporate these themes into a music store with a tropical feel. The result is Paradise Music, a home away from home, a tropical oasis originating first in the hills of East Tennessee, then finding its forever home in the mountains of western North Carolina and North Georgia. Today, Paradise Music has evolved into two locations to better serve its customers, Franklin, N.C. and Blairsville Georgia. Here, Bryan, along with his lovely wife, Kimberly, and his merry band of qualified teachers, repair staff and sales staff open the doors to the stores each day with one thought in mind; to bring a little slice of paradise into the life of every person that walks through our doors. Paradise Music Stores are located in Franklin, N.C. at 232 N.E. Main Street, and in Blairsville, Ga, at 49B Blue Ridge Street. We hope you will find your way in to visit with us, let us help you find your first(or next) instrument, repair your broken one, or teach you to be a better player than you are now. To have this happen would bring a bit of paradise into our lives, so come by and visit the parrots(really, we have a macaw in each store!) We’ll be looking for you!