And off we go!

Hello, everyone! I guess if you’ve checked into the Paradise Music website lately you’ve noticed some changes being made, albeit slowly. We’ve very happy about the changes being made and while we would prefer it to move a bit more quickly, there really isn’t much we can do about that. Paradise Music’s web designer is my daughter Jessica. While she is very good at this sort of thing, she is also the proud mother of our first granddaughter, Ciara Elise, and for one year old she’s quite a handful. Mother first, web designer second, and we have no problem with that! We would ask your patience as we proceed along, we believe we will have something special real soon. This is our first commercial website, all the gear listed on here will be for sale at both the stores and online. We encourage everyone to check back often, and see the progress as it unfolds. For those that may have come into either of the two stores and noticed that the pickens seem a bit slim, you are right, they are, and things aren’t going to get better in the next few weeks. We have guitars ordered from Gretsch, Ibanez, Alvarez, Eastman, Tagima, and more, but they don’t have product to send us. Covid has been hard on all of us in so many ways, so this will just be one more thing to have to put up with for a while. It’s out of our hands, so we’ll just have to ride it out and hope that things get lined out soon. As always, thank you so much for your continued support!

One thought on “And off we go!

  1. Angie "lilbit". Rasulo says:

    I love your store. I have a breedlove that has a pickup. I paid 700. Last year. Case was another 125. I need to sell it maybe a trade as well as a lil cash. Should I bring it in ??

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